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Tattoo Removal Session 2 [13 Nov 2005|11:05pm]

[ mood | content ]

Latest tattoo pics can be found at http://www.itsallgoodbabe.com/Tattoo/02.shtml but they ain't pretty =)

The process from the beginning is charted from http://www.itsallgoodbabe.com/Tattoo/01.shtml and will be updated once a month or so.

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[27 Oct 2005|11:57am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi - I just noticed inkdoll asked a question after my last post about laser removal.

Compared to getting a tattoo done in the first place, the pain is different but at about the same level. It's been a while since I had any new ink done, and it's easy to forget levels of pain, but I reckon it was pretty similar. My tattoo is relatively small, so for larger areas it may hurt more, and also the pain is sort of "hot". One other thing is that it gave off a slight... cooking?... smell, lol, but not so much that it was particularly off-putting.

Progress report:

I'm going back in two weeks to get done again - both my arm tattoos this time. I'm also checking into my friend's tattoo shop to work out some more designs for my back (go figure!) =)

It's definitely faded a bit and doesn't itch or anything at the moment. Seems to take about three weeks for the skin to go back to normal - from what I can see and feel anyway - who knows what's going on beneath the surface. The black is fading the fastest, giving the impression that the tattoo has more colour in it than it does, so it will be interesting to see how well the colour comes out next. I'll post pics after the next session.

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[20 Oct 2005|12:43pm]

Opted out of laser and decided to go with a skin graft. Sure its expensive but its a set price, 1 graft, guaranteed removal and I'll be able to sit comfortably with my top of on the beach when I go back to Peru this december. The tat was a tribal pattern band about 5cm by 20cm around my arm, very poorly done and I became very conscious of it. So much so I havent been swimming in over a year. I was on a beach in peru, playing in the sea. Must have been the only guy there with his t-shirt on. £1,800 is a lot of money but it feels like such a relief to have it gone. I'm already planning swimming trips in my head and anticipating the tan I'll be able to get while I'm on holiday. Good luck to anyone going ahead with treatment, its all worth it in the end.
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Tattoo regret [09 Oct 2005|05:40pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Hi my name is Shirwin, 24 years old, and from Florida. I am not new
to this group although this is my first time posting. I do read the
posts often for some encouragement and in hopes to find a miracle
remover for tattoos ... lol.

I have 2 tattoos ... a butterfly on my lower back (2x3"), which I
got about 4 years ago, and a hummingbird on my right hip bone, about
the same size, which I got about 2 years ago. They were a good
idea ... at the time. I went with my best friend on both
occasions ... yes, kind of an impulse thing. But now that I have
grown up, getting ready to graduate college, and move on with my
life, I definitely regret getting them.

Although people cannot visibly see my tattoos because of their
placement, I know that they are there and reminded of them
everyday. I get so sad and envious when I watch tv and see the
actresses or IRL girls out-and-about with their "clean" bodies ...
what the hell was I thinking? I can't even wear stuff that I want
to wear because of my embarrassment of these stupid tattoos. I wish
I NEVER got them.

I wasted my money on Tat-b-gone and now I am just saving my money
for laser or anything else that I can try to remove these tattoos.
I have never shared how much regret I have for getting these tattoos
to anyone other than you guys. If I told anyone IRL, especially my
friends, I know they would think I was a total IDIOT for doing it in
the first place. So I am grateful for this community. Thank you
for allowing me to get this off my chest. You don't have to
reply ... I feel a little better just knowing someone is listening
to me.



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[22 Sep 2005|11:04pm]

my boyfriend wants to remove his tattoos (sleeves) but we currently don`t have the money + time so is there any other options for tattoo removal (i.e. over-the-counter TCA 'Trichloroacetic Acid' from InkBusters.com or TatGoneInk from TatGoneInk.com) QQ
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[22 Sep 2005|10:46pm]

my boyfriend wants to remove his tattoos (sleeves) but we currently don`t have the money + time so is there any other options for tattoo removal (i.e. over-the-counter TCA 'Trichloroacetic Acid' from InkBusters.com or TatGoneInk from TatGoneInk.com) QQ
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First laser treatment [17 Sep 2005|07:53pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I had my first laser treament today at Lasercare in Glasgow. Under the cut I've put a before and after photograph. I found the clinic to be very good - the treatment was £60 (about $100 US), the staff were friendly and professional and it was quick. I've made another appointment for eight week's time and will post pictures again.

It's a bit sore, but I'm happy to have got this started at last =) If anyone has any questions I'll try my best to answer them!

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4th treatment update [07 Sep 2005|02:56pm]

Unfortunately I don't have any photos this time around. They used a different laser this time, I guess it reads a wider range of black value or something? At any rate, the chest and neck are looking good but my poor left ankle is a swollen, blistering, pussing mess. The ink seems to be coming out but the skin over top of it looks like it's been chewed by a pack of wild dogs. If it does not get better in a few days I will go to a doctor. For now I'm hoping it'll dry up, peel, and present me with further progress. A few days ago, the ankle tattoo was one solid blister. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and yet oddly satisfying.
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[04 Sep 2005|11:47pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I've booked in for a consultation at a laser place near me, for two weeks time. I shall post afterwards, and if I get a test patch done I'll post photos too.

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PROGRESS AT LAST! [29 Jul 2005|11:23pm]

Check this out...I had no idea it was this faded...it took 3 treatments but I wonder if it's about halfway gone? Somebody actually asked me what was on the back of my neck, not knowing it was a tattoo.

I am amused that I somehow knew exactly where to put the sunblock, unfortunately my knowledge- and sun protection- seems to have stopped right below the tattoo...!
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cheap affective tattoo removal / cover up make up [22 Jul 2005|04:28pm]

I've discovered there are many many methods out there for tattoo removal, besides lasers and cutting them out. Maybe you can help me find out that will work for me?

I want to remove one of my tattoos. It's small, thin, and in white ink. And it's on the back of my neck. I've never had a problem hiding it before, especially since I've had long hair. However, I would also like to part with my long locks, and be able to expose my neck. Granted it is white ink, and it's harder to notice, but it's still there. And also, I my parents do not know about this tattoo, and I'd prefer it if they never did. If you knew what happend when they found out about my first tattoo, you'd know why.

Obviously, laser is out of the question because one, the laser doesn't recognize white ink, and two, I have almost zero financial income. Any suggestions?

Also, have any of you ever tried to fade out your tattoo by tanning?

And, again, also, do any of you currently wear a cover up make-up to cover up tattoos? If so, what's it called and where can I get it?
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[19 Jul 2005|09:07am]

I don't know what's holding me back from laser treatments, besides the obvious cost. It's 103 degrees here and I'm wearing shirts that cover my tattoo. I would kill for an open back tank top but I'm too scared to expose my shoulder in the public, so I just wear them at home. I wish that I could go swimming with my friends & not feel embarassed.

I hate this weather. Fall can't come soon enough.
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ink be gone [19 Jul 2005|03:45pm]

i'm new to this community and have just had my first tattoo removal session. i've got 6 tattoos currently, three of them very large. i've had them all for about 2.5 - 3 years but the one i wanted gone was on my inner left forearm, about the size of a baseball.

the nurse asked me if i'd like to put some anesthetic cream on but i declined since it would take an hour to take effect so instead i used some ice on the area for 5 minutes before the actual session. at first i was terrified because i thought it would hurt something shocking but i was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt half as much as i thought it would. it felt very much like hot bacon grease being splattered on my arm, but it wasn't intolerable. it's a wee bit tender now but definitely worth it. i will be paying $125 per session (NZ currency) and it should take no longer than 5 sessions. i can't wait for it to be gone :)
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[05 Jul 2005|11:37am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, I'm in the UK and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these guys:


I'm thinking of going for a consultation but wanted to know if anyone had any horror stories (or otherwise) first.

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[21 Jun 2005|06:36pm]

does anybody know if it is at all possible to have tattoos removed by dermabrasion or other methods by a doctor in the uk and maybe even on the nhs? I know it used to be done but I was just wondering if these options are still available with all the laser treatment around these days
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[13 May 2005|02:50am]

Hello. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, and I decided that this community was probably the best place to ask!

I'm 20. The main thing in my life is music. I am studying to be a music historian and hope to open a blues club someday when I have the money. I have no tattoos, but for several years have been considering getting a small tattoo. There is one band that I owe my entire interest in music to, from my early childhood, and would like to get a symbol of that band. They are no longer my favorite band of all time (or even my preferred genre), but I still love them obviously, and will always be able to trace the focus of my life back to this band. I've wanted to get this tattoo for years.

Unfortunately, that band is the oh-so-cliche Led Zeppelin. I want Jimmy Page's so-called "zoso" symbol from Led Zeppelin IV. The very idea of this must make people cringe, I feel. What a cliche tattoo! However, in my case, it is extremely meaningful to me. I plan to get it on my back, at my waistline, about two inches from my right side (so it would be off-center), in all black, and again, quite small, maybe 2 inches long. It would be simple and easily hidden by clothing.

I started wanting this tattoo when I was about 16. At the time I figured that I had no perspective on anything and thus could not really decide if i would want the tattoo forever or not. Well, now I'm 20, and I still want the tattoo, and it still seems reasonable to me.

Please, I welcome all opinions. I would really appreciate hearing opinions from somebody who has had a negative tattoo experience!

Thank you very much!
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We're not the only ones! [26 Apr 2005|09:49pm]

Even the rich & famous regret their tattoos.

Skin & Out: What happens when romance fades but the tattoo doesn't
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[19 Apr 2005|12:21pm]

Hey. i'm new here, i'm about to go to my consultation on the 9th and i'm a bit nervous.
i've had my tattoo for a few years, i never completed it.
My life has changed so much and i now work in an office. It's so hard for me to find clothes to wear that cover up my tattoo and not to mention how how it is to cover up during the summer.

im trying to do as much research as possible before i get it, but i was just wondering what you guys think about it and how much it usually costs..

this is my tattoo
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EWWW [15 Mar 2005|11:54am]

[ mood | indecisive ]

I haven't posted here in a while.

I just had my 2nd treatment and they used a higher setting on the laser this time.

My tattoos are purple and bruised-looking and BLISTERING. It's so gross!

(And yet, oddly satisfying when the blister fluid comes out...ha ha ha)

Anyway, I'm thinking of taking a break from treatments just because warm weather is approaching and I don't think it's feasible to try to stay completely out of the sun (which they would want me to do while I'm healing).

I have to say, this reaction made me strongly wonder if this is all worth it. I mean fuck it...they're just tattoos...

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[24 Jan 2005|04:55pm]

Hello, again. I was hoping by now that the tattoo on my forearm would be invisible. However, thanks to not having Paris Hilton's bank account number and just never having the time to get back to the guy who started doing the TatGoneInk stuff on me, I'm still only two treatments down. I have noticed that it seems to fade a bit on its on ... long after the initial tattoo healing. So this is good? I still hope to go ahead with getting laser done, eventually. But that probably won't end up happening until this time next year.

What I really wanted to ask, though, was about a temporary solution to covering up the ink on my arms. I have to walk in a friend's wedding in April. I normally wouldn't care if they were showing a little bit, but the dresses we picked out are just too ... pink and princess-like for my tattoos to show.

So ... Does anyone happen to know of a good concealer type of product to put over the tattoo? It's black, but not super dark. BUT the ones on my other arm are dark. So I'd need something that does a good job.


(PS - If anyone from the DFW area reads this and can recommend someone I can see for doing laser removal, I would be quite happy!)
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