Kristin (imjustdreaming) wrote in tattoo_removal,

cheap affective tattoo removal / cover up make up

I've discovered there are many many methods out there for tattoo removal, besides lasers and cutting them out. Maybe you can help me find out that will work for me?

I want to remove one of my tattoos. It's small, thin, and in white ink. And it's on the back of my neck. I've never had a problem hiding it before, especially since I've had long hair. However, I would also like to part with my long locks, and be able to expose my neck. Granted it is white ink, and it's harder to notice, but it's still there. And also, I my parents do not know about this tattoo, and I'd prefer it if they never did. If you knew what happend when they found out about my first tattoo, you'd know why.

Obviously, laser is out of the question because one, the laser doesn't recognize white ink, and two, I have almost zero financial income. Any suggestions?

Also, have any of you ever tried to fade out your tattoo by tanning?

And, again, also, do any of you currently wear a cover up make-up to cover up tattoos? If so, what's it called and where can I get it?
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