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First laser treatment

I had my first laser treament today at Lasercare in Glasgow. Under the cut I've put a before and after photograph. I found the clinic to be very good - the treatment was £60 (about $100 US), the staff were friendly and professional and it was quick. I've made another appointment for eight week's time and will post pictures again.

It's a bit sore, but I'm happy to have got this started at last =) If anyone has any questions I'll try my best to answer them!

Before the first treatment.

Just like when I got the tattoo done!

This was taken about two hours after the first treatment. I wish I'd taken one straight after (but I couldn't) as it looked totally different - all white spots. I think some of the black has faded - what do you guys think though?
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Thats really cool looks like it will work well. I dont really have the time for laser due to some travelling plans and am looking into a skin graft to get rid of mine.
Thank you - it looks better today and some of the black has gone!

Let us know how the skin graft goes - and good luck with that. It sounds pretty daunting I must admit.
the tat is about 5cm by 20cm. Just had a quote of £1,800 for the graft!!! unfortunately I think I will probably have to take it as I havent found many people that can do it for me - most plastic surgeons seem to focus on breast surgery, tummy tucks ect.
Bloody hell! Will it scar on the area they take the skin from? I'm lucky mine is small =\
it shouldent scar no but it wont be perfect skin either on either area. I was told there could be a difference in skin tone which would become more apparent when the skin tans. I'd rather have that than the tat on my arm and they will take the skin from my arse or top outer thigh, as I dont tend to wear speedos I reckon I'll be ok with that too.
The black edge on the top right of the right wing (on the picture) looks like it's gone.

Looks very sore tho !
I thought so too - and the lines along the bottoms of the wings are much reduced as well.

It's not so sore today but still a bit swollen =|
What was the pain like? compared to tattoo pain?
how much did it hurt? I want to get rid of my tattoo as well, but compare to yours mine is huge and it's on my back.. :(
I went for a test patch at SK:N on the weekend.
It hurt :(!
After having a look online, i'm not sure if i'll go ahead with the treatments.
I haven't found anyone online who's had it done and said it works.

I've seen one photo of where the skin where the tattoo has gone white.
(looks like the tattoos still there but in white ink.)
and some that have just faded a little.

I'm 50 50 at the moment. I may just get it covered. but I have no idea what with.