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Tattoo regret

Hi my name is Shirwin, 24 years old, and from Florida. I am not new
to this group although this is my first time posting. I do read the
posts often for some encouragement and in hopes to find a miracle
remover for tattoos ... lol.

I have 2 tattoos ... a butterfly on my lower back (2x3"), which I
got about 4 years ago, and a hummingbird on my right hip bone, about
the same size, which I got about 2 years ago. They were a good
idea ... at the time. I went with my best friend on both
occasions ... yes, kind of an impulse thing. But now that I have
grown up, getting ready to graduate college, and move on with my
life, I definitely regret getting them.

Although people cannot visibly see my tattoos because of their
placement, I know that they are there and reminded of them
everyday. I get so sad and envious when I watch tv and see the
actresses or IRL girls out-and-about with their "clean" bodies ...
what the hell was I thinking? I can't even wear stuff that I want
to wear because of my embarrassment of these stupid tattoos. I wish
I NEVER got them.

I wasted my money on Tat-b-gone and now I am just saving my money
for laser or anything else that I can try to remove these tattoos.
I have never shared how much regret I have for getting these tattoos
to anyone other than you guys. If I told anyone IRL, especially my
friends, I know they would think I was a total IDIOT for doing it in
the first place. So I am grateful for this community. Thank you
for allowing me to get this off my chest. You don't have to
reply ... I feel a little better just knowing someone is listening
to me.


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