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Welcome to the first positive tattoo removal community on LJ.

This is an open community/support group for discussing different methods (laser, excision, cover-up, dermabrasion), thoughts and experiences about tattoo removal.

Because every tattoo and removal procedure varies, posting pictures is very helpful for those seeking some understanding of the process. When posting multiple pictures, please use lj-cut.

This is NOT an anti-body mod community. We believe everybody has the right to express themselves. This is a secular forum for those who wish to remove their tattoo(s) for personal reasons. Intolerant behavior (discrimination, name-calling, harassment) is not acceptable here, and will result in immediate banning at my discretion!

ATTENTION: Privacy is our number one priority. I have now decided that this is no longer a public community. You must be accepted as a member to read recent entries. Thank you for your understanding

Modded by blackheartgirl. If you have any questions please e-mail me or contact me on LJ.

Also, please join the Yahoo! Tattoo Removal Support Group.